Tough Mix of a Few Types of Workouts

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Eventually, what was a workout becomes a warmup as you progress into bigger and better conditioning. Here is a mix of PT pyramids for warmup, a super set circuit to push your maxes, and a Build Your Own Spartan 300 to see your creativity and ability to finish when tired. Of course, this is all followed up by a sprint / jog cardio session.

PT Pyramid Warmup: Warmup the Upper Body with pyramid pushups / situps / run sets: 1 pushups/situps / 25m run, 2 pushups/situps /25m run up to 10 -- stop. Warmup the Lower Body with Squat / lunges / 25m run pyramid 1-10: 1 squat, 1lunge/leg - run 25m, 2squats/2 lunges/leg - run 25m and on up to 10 -- stop Repeat 3 times Dips max Pullups max 100m bear crawl or ¼ mile sprint Build your Own Spartan 300:   Pick six exercises of 50 reps each using barbells, DBs, TRX, or calisthenics of your choice = 6 x 50 reps = total 300 reps For instance, I like to mix in three calisthenics or TRX exercises and three weighted exercises such as: Pushups 50 Pullups 50 Situps 50 (all done in max rep sets in a circuit until all reps are counted) Bench Press 50 Push Press 50 Squats 50 or Rows 50 (barbell at 50% body weight) Then Run Speed / Cardio Run Speed and Goal Pace Warm up with 800m jog / light stretch

Repeat 6-8 times Run 400m at goal pace for timed runs Walk 1 minute /light stretch

Optional Swim Workout Warmup with a 500m at goal pace

Repeat 6-8 times Swim 100-200m at goal pace for swim tests - rest with 1 min tread of water – no hands Give all of this a try in a single session or break it up into two workouts in a day or two if needed.

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