Join the Military

How to join the United States military.

Joining the military can be an exciting and life-changing experience. There are a lot of reasons young men and women across the United States show an interest in the Armed Forces. Some have a multigenerational respect for the military and want to serve like their older relatives did. Others want job security and the benefits that come along with being in the military. Whatever the reason, joining the military can create a great foundation for future personal growth.

Steps to Joining the Military

  1. Meet with a recruiter 
  2. MEPS 
  3. Take the ASVAB 
  4. Pass the physical examination
  5. Determine Military career with a service enlistment counselor
  6. Oath of Enlistment 
  7. Basic Training

Benefits of Joining the Military

Interested in Joining the Military?

We can put you in touch with recruiters from the different military branches. Learn about the benefits of serving your country, paying for school, military career paths, and more: sign up now and hear from a recruiter near you.

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