VA Loans

A VA mortgage loan (also known as a Veterans Administration home loan) is one of the most useful military benefits. If you qualify, you can buy or construct a home, or refinance an existing home mortgage, with as little as $0 down, great rates, and financing up to $453,100 - more if you live in certain high-cost areas like New York City. Another benefit over traditional mortgages is that there is no PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance, the monthly insurance fee charged to protect the bank until you reach at least 20 percent equity).

For most service-members and veterans who qualify, a VA loan is one of their most valuable benefits and a no-brainer over other, traditional mortgage types. This section offers an in-depth explanation of the VA loan process, and instructions on how to submit an application.

If you're already ready to move forward, or just want more information, the first step is to get no-obligation rate quotes.

VA Loan Eligibility
Get instructions on how to confirm and document your VA loan eligibility here.
Loan Types
You can use your VA loan for a regular mortgage, but did you know you can also use it for refinancing and other purposes?
VA Loan Process
From selecting a lender all the way to closing costs, we walk you through the VA loan application process.
VA Loan Questions
Have a question about the VA loan program or process? We address the most common ones here.
VA Loans 101
Here we've gathered extensive resources on VA loans, including info on regional loan centers, as well as general loan and mortgage tips.

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