Fitness Training Resources for a Military or Special Forces Career

ROTC cadet performs sit-up during Army Physical Fitness Test.
U.S. Army ROTC cadet Jean-Luc Sambira, a sophomore from Sanford, N.C., studying biology, holds the feet of Evan Murphy, a freshman studying chemical engineering from Gainesville, Va., during the sit-up portion of the Army Physical Fitness Test at Clemson University, Jan. 14, 2016. (Staff Sgt. Ken Scar/U.S. Army Reserve)

Training for a military career? How about special forces?

This is a one-stop article to better help people search for answers while cruising through the Stew Smith article archive. The first section focuses on pre-military training that will prepare you for boot camp or basic military training (BMT). The second section of this page will help you learn more about -- and train for -- the services' special forces and special operations career paths:

Preparing for Military Basic and Other Training

Pre-Military Training

Army Advanced Courses and Special Forces

Navy Advanced Courses and Special Forces

USMC Special Operations

U.S. Air Force Special Operations

Coast Guard Special Operations

This article should help you find the standards you should reach before joining the military. Never strive for the minimum physical standards when seeking a profession that requires a fit body to perhaps save your life or your comrades' lives. If you are seeking to get back into shape and want to be as fit as one of the above military members, check with your doctor before starting any fitness program.

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