Here's a Run, Lift, TRX Push-Up, Pull-Up Circuit

Private 1st Class Andrew I. Rosser, 210th Regional Support Group, performs pushups during the Army Physical Fitness Test portion of the Best Warrior Competition. (Photo By: Anthony Martinez).

Here is a classic, high-repetition calisthenic workout with a PT Pyramid and long run. If you prefer, you can replace push-ups (x3) with bench presses or military presses. If you need to "rest," add in an easy walk in place of the short 50m run or mix in sit-ups (x3) or other exercises.

This is a typical 1-10-1 PT Pyramid but, if that is too easy, you can easily alter it by going UP the pyramid to levels 15 or even 20. If you go above 10, you do not have to return down the pyramid as the 1-15 pyramid equals 120 pull-ups and 360 push-ups if you go x3 each set. Doing the 1-20 pyramid UP equals 210 pull-ups. You may want to do only x2 push-ups, as that is a lot of reps if you are not ready for them.

Let the PT Pyramid be an assessment tool for your muscle stamina and PT max effort workouts.

Pull-up and Bench Press x 1 or Pushup x 3/Pyramid:

  • 1-mile run or 10-minute bike warm-up
  • 1-5 pull-ups and pushups x 3 (or bench x 1)
  • Do 3 push-ups/1 pull-up 6,2, 9,3 … up to 15,5 with 50m runs in between if you pick pushups. No run is necessary if you pick bench press
  • 1-mile run or 10-minute bike
  • 6-10 push-ups x 3/pull-ups with 50m runs in between
  • 1-mile run or 10-minute bike
  • 10-6 or 11-15 push-ups x 3/pull-ups with 50m runs in between
  • Run 1 mile or 10-min bike cooldown/stretch
  • 5-1 or 16-20 push-ups x3/pull-ups with 50m runs in between

If you choose to do the bench press, just do the same number of reps as you do with pull-ups. Also, use UP the pyramid as a warm-up, but make the back side of the pyramid (10-1) as a reverse pyramid, in which your reps decrease each set, but the weight increases each set until you get to your 1-rep max. Do not expect any weightlifting personal records as this is 19 sets of bench press and pull-ups. Mix in a few different push exercises along the journey of the pyramid with military presses or dips.

If you fail at pull-ups, which most people do, you can replace them with another pulling exercise such as pulldowns or rows.

Mix in some mobility as a cooldown, as you may feel the need to cool down and stretch from all the reps of this workout and the running (or non-impact cardio options).

Mobility Cooldown

Repeat 2 times

5-min bike, elliptical, row

5-min stretch/foam roll

Expect a good 60-90 minutes before you complete this workout. It will help you with muscle stamina, endurance and build your overall work capacity. Enjoy!

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