Workout of the Week: Pull-up, Rope Climb, O-Course Workout

Lance Cpl. Evian T. Jackson Participates in a pull-up event during the 75th anniversary field meet competition at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. N.W. Huertas/Released).

This is a great workout if you have a USMC Obstacle Course available. If not, an outdoor pull-up bar will suffice, or there are other options listed below. We did this one on a holiday when the base gym was closed, so we focused on some running, calisthenics, rope climbs and obstacle courses to make a challenging mix of cardio, agility and grip strength.

Here is what you need to make this workout complete as written:

  • USMC Obstacle Course
  • A log or dumbbells
  • A place to run

The Workout:

  • Run 2 miles
  • Pull-ups Pyramid 1-10
  • Run 100 meters and do 1 rope climb if available. If not, hang on pull-up bar 30 seconds
  • Add Push Press, 10 in between each set
  • Add Push-ups, 10 in between each set
  • Run 2 miles
  • Bike cooldowns 10 minutes and stretch

*If the pull-up bar does not allow for 100 meters each set, replace with 30 jump ropes or jumping jacks.

The Workout Explained - How It Works:

Run 2 miles before the obstacle course.

Using the classic half-pyramid method (only go up to 10 and stop) of only pull-ups (x1) on the first obstacle of the USMC O Course.

Start off at 1 pull-up and then run to the last obstacle (about 100m) and climb the rope.

Run back to the first obstacle – do 2 pull-ups.

On every even-numbered set, run the USMC Obstacle Course (sets 2,4,6,8,10) and skip the O Course on the odd sets.

-Every set mix in 10-15 push presses with a log, ammo can, or weight

-Every set add 10 push-ups

Run 2 miles after the obstacle course

This workout totals the following numbers: 4 miles of running, 55 pull-ups, 5 extra rope climbs (total 10), 5 obstacle courses in full, and 100 push-ups, 100-150 push presses.

If You Do Not Have an Obstacle Course

No o-course – no problem. Just like when you run an obstacle course race, often if an obstacle has a long waiting line, some monitors will let you pass with 25 burpees. With some creativity, you can accumulate most of the totals above by replacing the obstacle course with the Burpee or 8 Count Push-up/Pull-up Pyramid. It works like this if you have an outdoor pullup bar:

1 pull-up – run 100 meters – 1 burpee or 8 count push-ups,

2 pull-ups – run 100 meters – 2 burpees or 8 count push-ups

3 pull-ups – run 100 meters – 3 burpees or 8 count push-ups

4 pull-ups – run 100 meters – 4 burpee or 8 count push-ups

5 pull-ups – run 100 meters – 5 burpees or 8 count push-ups

6 pull-ups – run 100 meters – 6 burpees or 8 count push-ups

Keep going up until you reach level 10. That is 55 pull-ups and 55 burpee/1,000 meter runs. If you want to make this tougher, repeat in reverse order and accumulate 100 repetitions of pull-ups and burpees and 1,900 meters of short distance runs.

If you do not have a rope climb, one option is to hang on the pull-up bar for 20-30 seconds each set to work the grip as the rope climbs do.

Start and finish the workout with 2 mile runs as above.

Let me hear from Marines who get this one done and how you like it.

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