'Jack Ryan' TV Series Set to End; Spinoff Eyed

John Krasinski stars as the CIA operative in season 2 of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan." (Amazon)

This is one where the news isn't quite as bad as it seems. Over two seasons, the Prime Video series "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," starring John Krasinski, has revitalized one of military fiction's most indelible operators by creating updated storylines but keeping the essence of the character intact.

The series is now set to end after season four. The third season is in the can and should be released sometime this year, possibly in the fall after Prime Video's July release of "The Terminal List," the Chris Pratt-starring show based on former SEAL Jack Carr's James Reece novels.

Krasinski, fresh off a very surprising cameo in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," is currently filming season four. The positive spin on this news is that we've only seen half of the series, and we get two more stories with this version of the character before Krasinski leaves the role behind.

The other good news comes from Deadline, which reports that "Jack Ryan" has cast Michael Peña as Domingo "Ding" Chavez for the final season. Chavez is a recurring character in Clancy's novels that made its first appearance in 1989's "Clear and Present Danger" and has since been a character in 21 more novels, including several authored by Mark Greaney, Mike Maden, Marc Cameron and Don Bentley after Clancy's 2013 death. Raymond Cruz ("Breaking Bad," "The Closer") played Chavez in the 1994 movie based on "Clear and Present Danger."

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Peña will make his debut in the third-season finale and be a major player in the fourth season. He's a prolific and versatile actor, with notable roles in "End of Watch" (written and directed by Navy vet David Ayer), "12 Strong," "Fury," Marvel's "Ant-Man" movies, "Narcos: Mexico," "Moonfall," "The Martian," "Crash" and "The Shield."

Plans for the Chavez series are in the early discussion stages at Amazon Prime Video. If the series gets a green light once the suits see the finished fourth season of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," then Peña will finally get a chance at the star turn he's long deserved.

Fans of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" will have to get their tough-guy television fix from shows like "Bosch: Legacy," now streaming on Amazon's Freevee service (no subscription required) and "The Terminal List" (coming in July) while we wait for Ryan, season three. Season four will likely arrive sometime in 2023.

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