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New Cars

Why Choose New over Used
The biggest reasons for choosing new over used is that the new vehicle offers greater selection and control of the features, a better warranty, and a car that will potentially last well beyond the financing period.
How Much Car Can You Afford?
The safe way to buy a car is to analyze your budget before you ever set foot in the showroom. Here are some steps to help you buy smart.

Used Cars

Lemon Cars: How to Spot Them
The dreaded lemon car is sure to drive you up the wall (not to mention drive your repair costs through the roof). Here's some tips on how you can avoid purchasing one of these nefarious vehicles.
Sell or Trade-in Your Car or Truck?
To the fiscally wise this may seem like a no-brainer. But there are actually several reasons why a person may want to choose to trade-in a vehicle.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair: Changing Fuses

If your car's electronics go dead, it's probably due to a blown fuse. You can change fuses yourself easily and cheaply.

Auto Discounts