Stew Smith's Combat Swimmer Stroke DVD


    Stew Smith demonstrates the CSS - the fast and efficient swim stroke of the Navy SEALs. This video is a few minutes of the CSS DVD Terry Laughlin and I created demonstrating the different ways to swim a modified side stroke or AKA the Combat Swimmer Stroke (CSS).

    Combat Swimmer Stroke breakdown:

    • Kick off the wall
    • double arm pull
    • CSS stroke cycle of Pull, breathe, kick, glide
    • Top arm pull is a freestyle arm pull.
    • Bottom arm is more similar to a breast stroke scull (not a full stroke to your side) BREATHE during the bottom arm pull.
    • Turn to breathe - do not lift your head up to breathe.
    • Kick can either be a scissor kick or a breast stroke kick BUT when swimming with fins you need to learn scissor / flutter kicks.
    • Kick hard / pull hard = glide fast.

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