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From military pay and benefits to updates on deployments and information from around the services. Find the latest military news and information.

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The latest videos and information on the military and U.S. Government including top stories, policy news and more from across the service branches

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Veteran Employment Project: Master Class Videos

Our master classes take you through the answers to the questions you have around how to find the right job in the right career field. These informative classes get right to the instructions you are looking for about how to write a resume, what career field to choose and how to determine where you fit in a civilian organization. Watch our previous master classes below or sign up for one of our upcoming master classes.

Military Fitness

Physical fitness is an important part of being in the military. Reach your full physical potential with military fitness videos. Get information about military workouts, fitness tips and military fitness standards.

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Find the latest news videos and information on the U.S. Military including top stories, technology, policies, leadership and more. Original Series

Watch's Original Video Series showcasing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force and Coast Guard in action! Learn about new technology, weapons systems and updates from across the military.

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