The Best Deals on Shooting Gear on Amazon Right Now

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Shooters, you may approach the firing line! Every trip to the shooting range requires the right gear, from ear and eye protection and other forms of personal protective equipment to multitool and cleaning kits to keep your firearms in top condition. Toss all of that into a durable range bag, and you’re all set to send some rounds downrange. 

There aren’t a ton of great deals on shooting gear on Amazon, but the ones we did find are certainly worth your time. Even if you already have a few items on this list, there’s nothing wrong with snagging a backup at a deep discount, especially when you can get products such as Walker’s Silencer earbuds for more than 60% off, is there?

(A few things not on this list are plate carriers and trauma kits, as none of the options available on Amazon are appropriate for a trip to a shooting range. We recommend specialists, such as Crye Precision and North American Rescue, for those.)

These prices were valid at press time, but prices change and deals expire.

Ear Protection

Eye Protection


Range Bags

Rangefinders and Binoculars

Tools and Cleaning Kits

Tactical Flashlights

Holsters and MOLLE Pouches

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