Master Class: Stealth LinkedIn: The Real Way LinkedIn Can Help You Get A Job


    You already know LinkedIn’s basics—headshot, tagline, and job history. You’ve got that down, thanks. You are not interested in nonsense about “building your brand” or reaching out to CEOs, angel investors, or “influencers.” That stuff is not meant for you.

    At this point in your military job hunt, you need to learn how to use LinkedIn to help you nail down a job offer right now. How? Unlike your civilian counterparts, it turns out that the LinkedIn tools you need are off-label, exclusive, and only meant for military, veterans, and spouses.

    In this 60-minute class, I’ll show you how to max out your FREE LinkedIn Premium to wake up your network in a cool, professional way. I’ll teach you how to collect all the inside data in stealth mode you need to land your dream job months before your competitors. Without ever contacting a stranger, you will learn:

    1. How to figure out what your Goal Job should be. Where do your military skills fit into the civilian world? What is the name of that job title? To which level should you apply?
    2. How to get the gouge on the industries you want to join and figure out how well a particular company is doing by applying tools that only take minutes to use.
    3. How to use our First 50 tool to organize your networking most effectively so you never have to worry about it again.

    Visit the Veteran Employment Project to sign up for upcoming FREE master classes hosted by Jacey.

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