Master Class: The Introvert Advantage: How Introverts Can Beat Extroverts to the Job Offer


    An extrovert must have invented the job hunt. No introvert would have dreamt up the idea that you can pick the best person for a job based on a skimpy resume and a 20-minute grilling over random questions by a stranger.

    The truth is that even though the job hunt may outwardly favor the think-out-loud extrovert, the introvert has the advantage—if only they learn how to maximize their strengths.

    In this military transition master class, you will learn:

    1. How to identify your introvert powers on the job hunt and make them work for you and the hiring manager.
    2. How to network like an introvert (not an extrovert) so you move straight into the job.
    3. How an introvert’s interview prep makes all the difference to your job offer and your salary.

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