Israeli Women Soldiers Facing Ongoing Opposition


    Israel announcing that its first all-female tank crew in the IDF; which includes a female commander, will be stationed on the Egyptian border. This, among several recent changes to the IDF in the name of gender equality. The unit comes as part of a larger pilot to introduce women to more combat-heavy and artillery or armored-related regiments. However, the pilot has long been meeting with heavy opposition. In fact, in 2020, an investigation was even launched into whether the first trial’s results had been distorted to make it seem like more of a failure, and a new pilot has since been launched, scheduled to conclude in 2022. So what does the future of women in the IDF look like? Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Orit Adato | Former Commissioner, IPS; Former Head, Women’s Corp IDF & Member of Forum Dvora – Women in Security & Foreign Affairs