HISTORIC FOOTAGE: B-25s Launched in Tokyo Raid


(April 1942) Shot List: 1)MS B-25s on deck, ENTERPRISE BG2)HS Bomb comes up small elevator.CU 50 lb.bomb.3)MS Col. Doolittle & Capt.Meltcher, USA pilots bomb BG-SV4)MS Pan USA pilots, bomb FG.CU Capt. Meltcher5)MS Capt.Meltcher & Col. Doolittle6)CU Col Doolittle attaches medal to bomb7)MS Pan B-25 launched, Pan B-25 on deck.8)SHS B-25 launched.B-25 starts run.9)SHS Pan empty deck.MS Pan B-25 on deck10)CU 2 USA pilots talk.MS Plane crew turns prop.11)MS Pan deck, B-25s, plane crew, etc.12)SCU Cranking motor.SHS B-25s warm motors.13)SHS Men exeroise on deck, tilt to B-25s.14)MS B-25s launched from HORNET-SV15)CU SCU Doolittle attaches Japanese al to bomb.16)CU Capt. Meltcher. (No sound) (U.S. Navy video)

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