People Can Say or Do the Darndest Things During a Job Interview

John C. Reilly, left, and Will Ferrell in 'Step Brothers.' (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

People will say the "darndest" things when they're under pressure, especially in an interview situation. But no matter how much pressure you're under, you might want to avoid using these answers or behaviors during an interview. In fact, if you've used any of these tactics, it might be better not to say anything at all and just sit still.

Here are bizarre interview behaviors for your enjoyment, according to

  1. A candidate announced she hadn't had lunch and proceeded to eat a hamburger and French fries in the interviewer's office.
  2. An interviewee wore a Walkman, explaining she could listen to the interviewer and the music at the same time.
  3. A candidate said he never finished high school because he was kidnapped and kept in a closet in Mexico.
  4. A balding candidate excused himself and returned to the office a few minutes later, wearing a hairpiece.
  5. A candidate announced that her long-term goal was to replace the interviewer.
  6. An applicant interrupted the interview to phone her therapist for advice on how to answer specific interview questions.
  7. A candidate dozed off during an interview.
  8. An applicant challenged the interviewer to an arm-wrestling contest.
  9. An applicant refused to sit down and insisted on being interviewed while standing up.

Here are some strange things applicants admitted during an interview:

  1. "Sometimes I feel like smashing things."
  2. "I think I'm going to throw up."
  3. "Why aren't you in a more interesting business?"
  4. "What are the zodiac signs of all the board members?"
  5. "Why do you want references?"
  6. "I know this is off the subject, but will you marry me?"
  7. "Does your company have a policy concerning concealed weapons?"
  8. "Will the company move my rock collection from California to Maryland?"
  9. "I feel uneasy indoors."
  10. "I feel fascinated by fire."

Have you heard of any bizarre interview behaviors or answers?

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