Care.com Reaches Out with Child Care Solution for ASYMCA Members

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Child care issues are at the heart of many of the struggles military families face. From waitlists faced after a PCS to finding reliable care for those weekend and overnight duties, it's a perpetual issue.

Now, with child development centers, public daycares and schools closed, what are families going to do? Essential workers are struggling with child care demands and, when nonessential workers return to their jobs, they will too.

Care.com has a solution for some military families. Starting April 9, if you are a member of the Armed Service YMCA (ASYMCA), you can now start a free 90-day premium membership with Care.com.

Military families may be familiar with Care.com already, as it has offered child care solutions for years. Throughout the past decade, Care.com has offered a military tab on its website, which allows for military-affiliated caregivers to connect with families who need child care.

In May 2011, Care.com offered free premium membership for military families during Military Appreciation Month. It has also offered free $100 credits for memberships and other free membership periods in the past.

Care.com has been running a platform for finding high-quality care for pets, elders and children. It offers everything a modern family needs when it comes to child care, including payroll and household tax services.

The current CEO, Tim Allen, has a military connection. In a news release, he said, "I know how much families depend upon the ASYMCA's child care programs and can only imagine the strain their closures are putting on these families while they step up to the frontlines in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. As Care.com works with leaders in various states and communities around the country to help families on the frontlines find child care, we are honored to play a role in ensuring that our military families across the country remain top of mind and get the care they need."

How It Works

ASYMCA members should enroll through this special portal to find child care or to become a child care provider in service to other ASYMCA families.

Background checks and other safety measures are still in effect for caregivers who wish to enroll in this program. For caregivers who are also members of ASYMCA, they can waive fees and volunteer their services, if they wish.

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