Why Didn't I Know That? PCS Resources You Need to Know

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Do you ever hear of something amazing that would have solved all your problems about two weeks after you needed it?

When it comes to military moves we want to help you avoid that. So here we are, telling you how to find out about those permanent change of station (PCS) resources you didn't even know existed. And now you can use them, and share them with other military spouses you know.

1. The Lending Closet. If you've never had to wait for your household goods, you are far too lucky for words. But if you find yourself waiting for the moving truck for any period of time, make sure you visit your Fleet & Family Services, Army Community Services or Airman & Family Readiness office to borrow from the lending closet. These places have totes of kitchen products ready for you to use among other possible supplies. They have plates, bowls, can openers, frying pans and even a coffee maker. Borrow them while you wait and start to feel at home much faster.

2. Per Diem and Mileage. Don't laugh, but "thrifty" is a liberal description for my first move as a married couple. We had no idea that we would receive per diem that would more than cover our hotel room and minor expenses. We stayed in some very dingy hotels and I almost cried when we were forced to fork out an extravagant $100 a night hotel when we arrived at the duty station. When we found out we were paid for these things, I vowed never to stay in a questionable location again.

3. New Spouse Orientation. Exceptionally helpful overseas, an orientation to the local area is a great way to get involved with the community and learn where things are. When we moved to Germany, our orientation included some basic vocabulary and a walking field trip down to the train station where we learned to buy a ticket and then rode the train for lunch. Those were very useful skills to have in Germany.

4. Loaner Furniture. This resource was incredibly helpful for our first PCS, which happened to be to Germany. When we arrived and signed for housing they asked if we wanted loaner furniture. The next day they delivered a bed, a dining room set, a living room set and some dressers. When it was time to move out, we shipped our household goods ahead of time and we were able to get loaner furniture for the last few weeks as well. Note: This is only available overseas, you won't have this resource when PCSing from Hawaii to Texas, for example.

Are there other things you wish you had known before you moved?

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