3 Home Maintenance Tasks You Won’t See on Reality Shows

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While busy with a renovation, what comical Dad joke will Chip tell Joanna? Or, what must-have cookery item will Anthony find to surprise John? From “Fixer Upper” to “Kitchen Cousins,” it’s easy to feel a sense of anticipation when watching an engaging home improvement show. After all, the projects these remodeling dynamos tackle bring positive changes to seemingly everyday dwellings.

But what about the important household repairs that aren’t as exciting? Follow along for tips for maintaining areas of your home that the Gaines family and the Carrino/Colaneri combo might not take the time to film.

1) Insulating the Attic

Quick question. With the howling winds of winter or the sizzling summer sun, will your attic handle the temperature changes of the weather? If you’re not sure how to answer this inquiry, it might be time to create a security blanket around the upper portion of your palace.

  • Adding an overlay of insulation can help regulate your indoor temps which will add to your level of comfort.
  • Additionally, decking out the nooks and crannies up top with a protective filler will save you money on utilities by giving your heating and cooling system a break.
  • No matter if you already have existing material spread around, your goal is to evenly set out a fresh layer of covering to reach from the middle to the eaves.
  • Shrouding the floor joists with around 10-14 inches of fiberfill will bring a carpet of protection to the space.

For best results, look for unfaced blankets of fiberglass insulation or go for the loose fill option which can be blown into place.

2) Flushing the Septic System

Getting down to the nitty gritty, are you noticing a slow down of your toilets and drains? If you have a septic system, your waste water should be flowing efficiently. If there’s no rush in your flush, then it’s time to clean or pump your septic tank.

  • Similar to how suntan oil can clog a swimming pool filter, the limits can be tested with the filter on your septic system.
  • Contrary to what the package label says, “flushable” wipes don’t always flush. A buildup of wipes, paper towels, or diapers can create havoc down the line. (Don’t flush them!)
  • Putting down roots is usually a good thing except when sprawling tree roots or vining plants interfere with your drain field.

Consider hiring a professional to drain the main vein of your septic range once every 3-5 years.

3) Maintaining the Roof

If you happen to have a drone, you can make good use of your unmanned aerial vehicle by flying high and filming the bird’s eye view of your house. If you do not have a remote control gizmo, then carefully scale a ladder and take a good look-see at how your roof is holding up.

  • Are your shingles protecting you seamlessly? Take a gander at how things are matching up, specifically by the flashing of the chimney or the seams of the skylights.
  • Buckles are good news for belts but bad news for shingles on a roof. Particularly important after a strong storm, ensure that none of the pieces tacked up top are rippling or coming loose.
  • As lovely as the sagging branches of your weeping willow may be, having tree limbs rest on your roof is not ideal. Have a “tree person” (arborist) in mind for proper care with routine trimmings.

Keep tabs on the size and shape of any noticeable dings or dents. Not only could they lead to a bigger issue, they could also serve as a burrowing spot for unwelcome critters.

If the stars align, a home improvement celebrity will film an episode of their TV show at your address. Now, if that doesn’t happen, you can simply spotlight the somewhat mundane but always important tasks of homeownership with this home maintenance checklist. From season to season, you’ll find plenty to projects to keep your property shining bright!

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