5 Reasons to Love Being a Military Spouse

A Marine with Fighter Attack Squadron 251 is reunited with his family. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Timothy Norris.)
A Marine with Fighter Attack Squadron 251 is reunited with his family. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Timothy Norris.)

Military life isn't always fun, and it's definitely not always easy. But it's not without some redeeming qualities.

In fact, when we asked our Facebook readers to share their favorite things about military life, they were quick to come up with a long list of answers. We may not think about the positive side of military life while we're in the middle of a deployment or playing the hurry up and wait game for orders, but there really are some awesome aspects of this crazy roller coaster of a life we live.

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5 Reasons We Love Being Military Spouses

1. We're suckers for a man or woman in uniform. Who needs Richard Gere or Tom Cruise in a uniform when we have the real thing at home? But it goes beyond the sexiness factor. That uniform inspires a sense of pride. We're proud of our service members for their integrity, their selflessness, the goals they achieve and the sacrifices they make to protect our way of life. And that's just as sexy as the uniform itself.

2. Military benefits really do benefit us. Tricare. Military discounts. Commissaries. There are so many military benefits available for service members and their families, I don't think we're even aware of them all! We may not always have the kindest words to share when it comes to things like military healthcare facilities or resources for family support, but at the end of the day, we can take comfort in the knowledge that we do have healthcare for our families and resources available to us when we need support. The military truely does want to take care of its families.

3. Join the military, see the world! Yes, it's true that sometimes we use the word "adventure" as an attempt to put a positive spin on a disastrous moving experience or a year in the worst duty station on the planet. But military life truly is an exciting adventure. The military allows us to travel all over the globe, to live in or visit places we probably wouldn't have the opportunity to see otherwise. We expose ourselves and our children to various cultures. We're not just military spouses. We're world travelers.

4. Friends become family. Our community is so close that our friends turn into our military family. Our MilSpouse friends know what we're going through without explanation. We keep in touch despite time and distance. We support each other. We take care of each other. Most of us never would have met these irreplaceable, lifelong friends without the military.

5. Homecomings! Need I say more?

Military life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but I'd like to think the positives outweigh the negatives. What are your favorite parts of military life? Why do you love about being a military spouse?

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