Marine Corps Missions and Values

US Marine Corps candidate does push-ups.
Officer candidates perform push-ups during the Medal of Honor run at Officer Candidates School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. (Marine Corps/Phuchung Nguyen)

Marine Corps' expeditionary naval capabilities are critical in a world where 70 percent of the world's countries are located within 200 miles of a coastline.

When crises erupt anywhere in the world, the nation calls upon its Marine Corps to rapidly carry out its foreign policy objectives. They are the nation's "rapid-reaction" force, and perhaps the most feared force in the world.

Marines operate domestically and all over the globe. As a rapid-reaction focused force, many spots where they work are risky at best.

They are primarily tasked with first-on-the-scene missions, awkward or challenging missions that involve sea-land work, security, and anything with a high probability of gunfire. Don't forget - they are the world's most feared warriors!

Some examples of Marine missions:

  • Major warfare missions
  • "Small" warfare - city fighting, skirmishes, etc. - often high-intensity and short time-span
  • Base / embassy / target security
  • Troop-to-ship warfare - landing on a target ship and overtaking it (as opposed to ship-to-ship warfare)
  • Combat-support flight missions

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