Air Force Jobs At a Glance

Air Force Mulls Change to Deployments

The following is a list of some Air Force enlisted and officer jobs, with short descriptions. ENLISTED CAREERS (scroll down for Officer Careers) Airfield Management Apprentices assist a pilot's ability to land, take-off and taxi on runways and taxiways at airfields worldwide, checking flight plans, en route weather and transmitting flight plans and flight movement messages to air route traffic control centers, flight service stations and control towers. Aviation Resource Management Apprentices work with pilots, flight engineers, pararescuemen and aerial gunners to schedule air-refueling, bombing, airlift and fighter missions. Supply Management Apprentices manage, administer and operate supply systems and activities to provide equipment and supplies for Air Force operations. Supply Systems Analysis Apprentices are responsible for the day-to-day software maintenance of the supply computer systems used to track all aspects of operation. Traffic Management Apprentices receive training to ensure that shipments are ready for transport, inspecting freight for damage, keeping accurate records and in operating forklifts, pallet trucks and hand trucks. Vehicle Maintenance Control and Analysis Apprentices schedule and coordinate vehicle maintenance for the entire motor pool. They use the latest computer technology to keep track of the maintenance of all the vehicles on base. Radio Communications Systems Apprentices operate radio and satellite communications equipment that form invaluable lines of communication between the president, the Air Force and other critical airborne and ground agencies of the Department of Defense. Radio and TV Broadcasting Apprentices are cameramen, scriptwriters, announcers, directors and equipment operators who use tape recorders, turntables, video switchers, dimmers, radio consoles and other broadcasting equipment. Regional Band Apprentices perform in a variety of musical groups. These groups, which will vary from region to region. Most include a symphonic concert band, marching band, jazz band, rock group, country band and reception combo. Personnel Apprentices assist those people and their families in making decisions that affect their military life, including career development, special assignments, training and other personnel issues. Chaplain Service Support Apprentices help chaplains by preparing places of worship and organizing counseling as well as working in field conditions. Postal Apprentices see that those longawaited letters from home reach their final destination. A Postal Apprentice also computes shipping charges, operates service centers and distributes personal mail to USPS lockboxes. Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentices service, inspect, troubleshoot, repair and perform preventive maintenance on motor and engine-driven generator sets, air conditioners, hydraulic test stands, air compressors, bomblifts, heaters and other similar support equipment. Aerial Gunners operate airborne weapon systems and associated equipment, including pre- and postflight inspections of weapons equipment. They also perform inflight maintenance of airborne weapons systems to ensure maximum availability and utilization of weapon systems. Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Apprentices see that aircraft are in operationally ready condition, performing scheduled inspections, functional checks and preventive maintenance both before and after flights, and ensuring that the aircraft has been properly serviced with fuel, hydraulic fluid and liquid oxygen. Aerospace Maintenance Apprentices ensure aircraft are in operationally ready condition, performing scheduled inspections, functional checks and preventive maintenance both before and after flights, and ensuring that the aircraft has been properly serviced with fuel, hydraulic fluid and liquid oxygen. Helicopter Maintenance Apprentices repair, maintain and perform operational checks of the rotor, transmission and drive, landing gear, fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems, assisting specialists as required. Aerospace Propulsion Apprentices keep turboprop aircraft in the air, removing the propeller and the engine from the aircraft, disassembling and inspecting it, then repairing or replacing defective components as required. Aircrew Egress Systems Apprentices maintain emergency escape systems used by aircrews to escape disabled aircraft, working on emergency escape and survival systems used in aircraft, such as ejection seats, escape hatches and capsules, warning lights, emergency oxygen systems, canopies, lap belts and shoulder harnesses. Aircraft Fuel Systems Apprentices remove, repair, clean, inspect, install and modify aircraft fuel systems, including integral fuel and water cell tanks, bladder cells and external tanks. Aircraft Metals Technology Apprentices measure, maintain and test aircraft metals to include machine tool cutting, engine lathe cutting, precision grinding and the various methods and processes of welding. Aircraft Structural Maintenance Apprentices classify damage to aircraft structures before they are repaired to their original strength, weight and contour using powered and nonpowered tools and equipment, including precision measurement equipment. Survival Equipment Apprentices inspect, repair and repack aircrew survival equipment, determining the serviceability of the equipment and evaluating any problems. Communications Cable and Antenna Systems Apprentices install cable systems that look like a tangled mess of wires to the average person. They splice, seal, pressurize and repair all types of cables, as well as how to use testing equipment for troubleshooting cable systems. Fuels Apprentices receive, store and issue petroleum products for Air Force vehicles, aircraft and support equipment. Missile and Space Systems Maintenance Apprentices assemble, repair, maintain, modify, inspect and service missiles, missile subsystems and related support equipment. Vehicle Operations Apprentices operate everything from passenger cars to huge prime movers with trailers for transporting personnel and materials. Air Transportation Apprentices load, sort and document air cargo. Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Apprentices inspect, troubleshoot and repair vehicles, including dump trucks, bucket loaders, crawler and wheeled tractors, cranes, motor graders, snow removal equipment, sweepers, aircraft cargo loading vehicles, forklifts and aircraft servcing vehicles. OFFICER FIELDS Flight Airlift Pilot Bomber Pilot Experimental Test Pilot Fighter Pilot Generalist Pilot Helicopter Pilot Trainer Pilot Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Electronic Warfare Pilot Pilot Special Operations Pilot Tanker Pilot Airlift Navigator Bomber Navigator Experimental Test Navigator Fighter Navigator Generalist Navigator Trainer Navigator Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Electronic Warfare Navigator Special Operations Navigator Tanker Navigator Astronaut Non Technical Air Battle Manager Airfield Operations Officer Intelligence Officer Foreign Area Officer Operations Staff Officer International Politico-Military Affairs Officer Planning and Programming Officer Logistics Commander Logistician Supply Officer Transportation Officer Support Commander Security Forces Officer Communications Commander Services Officer Mission Support Officer Personnel Officer Manpower Officer Acquisition Manager Specialty Combat Control Officer Logistics Plans Officer Band Officer Public Affairs Officer Medical Commander Health Services Administrator Physical Therapist Officer Optometrist Podiatrist Physician Assistant Audiology/Speech Pathologist Clinical Psychologist Clinical Social Worker Occupational Therapist Aerospace Physiologist Biomedical Science Officer Dietitian Officer Bioenvironmental Engineering Officer Public Health Officer Medical Entomologist Pharmacist Biomedical Laboratory Officer Veterinary Clinician Health Physicist Chief Hospital/Clinic Services Officer Pathologist Emergency Services Physician Family Physician General Practice Physician Nuclear Medicine Physician Clinical Geneticist Pediatrician Internist Neurologist Psychiatrist Diagnostic Radiologist Dermatologist Radiotherapist Critical Care Medicine Officer Allergist Anesthesiologist Orthopedic Surgeon Ophthalmologist Obstetrician/Gynecologist Otorhinolaryngologist Physical Medicine Physician Surgeon Urologist Nursing Administrator Flight Nurse Nurse-Midwife Nurse Anesthetist Clinical Nurse Mental Health Nurse Operating Room Nurse Orthodontist Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist Endodontist Dentist Periodontist Pediatric Dentist Prosthodontist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Aerospace Medicine Specialist Occupational Medicine Specialist Preventive Medicine Officer Judge Advocate Chaplain Program Director Contracting Officer Audit Officer Financial Management Officer Cost Analysis Officer Special Investigations Officer Space and Missile Operations Officer Weather Officer Aircraft Maintenance Officer Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer Civil Engineer Communications and Information Officer Scientist Developmental Engineer  

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