Mark VII Laser Target Locator

  • Mark VII Range Finder
  • Mark VII Range Finder
Mark VII Range Finder

The compact and lightweight Mark VII Eyesafe Laser Target Locator was developed for day/night use by artillery forward observers, forward air controllers and long range reconnaissance patrols.

The Mark VII incorporates advanced laser technology and a unique switchable day/night vision optical design, plus an embedded digital magnetic compass, to provide range, azimuth, and elevation digital data output for accurate target location determination.

With the Mark VII RS-232 output connected to a PLGR (Precision Light Weight GPS Receiver), accurate target coordinates are automatically computed for battlefield use. In addition to serial data output in the PLGR protocol, output in the FED (Forward Entry Device) data format and a NMEA protocol are also available.

All three interface protocols are selectable in the Mark VII unit and growth has been provided for implementation of additional interface protocols. The Mark VII laser resonator utilizes KTP OPO technology to produce the 1.57µ output that is Class I eyesafe, making it usable under all operational and training conditions.

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