M9 Armored Combat Earthmover

  • M9 Armored Vehicle
  • M9 Armored Vehicle
  • M9 Armored Vehicle
  • M9 Armored Vehicle
M9 Armored Vehicle

BAE Systems

US Army, US Marine Corps

Cummins A903C diesel

30 mph

200 miles


Combat Engineer Tasks. The M-9 Armored Combat Earthmover is a highly mobile, full-tracked, air transportable armored earthmover and represents a significant enhancement to the combat engineers' capability to support the MAGTF. The M-9 ACE can be employed in a host of engineer tasks, such as clearing obstacles, preparing defilade and survivability positions, and a myriad of engineering construction tasks including dozing, scraping, grading, hauling, towing, and winching.

The M9 ACE is a highly mobile, fully tracked armored earthmover capable of supporting forces in both offensive and defensive operations. It performs critical combat engineer tasks such as digging hull defilade fighting positions for guns, tanks and other battlefield systems to increase their survivability. The ACE breaches berms, prepares anti-tank ditches, prepares combat roads, removes roadblocks and prepares access routes at water obstacles. With the combination of its cross-country mobility and armored protection, the M-9 ACE is capable of both offensive and defensive operations in the forwarded battle area. Additionally, with a cruising range of 200 miles, air transportability, and the ability to swim, the M-9 ACE can maintain the momentum of the maneuvering forces.

The basic structure of the M9 is welded aluminum. The engine, drive train and operator's compartment are laid out in the rear of the vehicle, while the front features an 8.7 cubic yard bowl, apron and dozer blade. Armor consists of welded aluminum with selected steel and aramid-laminated plates. An armored cupola containing eight vision blocks covers the driver's compartment.

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