South Carolina State Veteran Benefits

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The state of South Carolina provides several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits.

South Carolina Veterans Homes

South Carolina has five veterans homes. The homes are in Anderson, Columbia, Walterboro, Florence and Gaffney. Honorably discharged South Carolina resident veterans who are in need of skilled or intermediate nursing home care are eligible for admission.

South Carolina Veterans Financial Benefits

Income Tax 

Active-duty pay is taxable. Reserve and National Guard drill pay is tax-free.

Effective in 2022, all military retirement is tax-free.

Property Taxes for Disabled Veterans

Permanently and totally disabled veterans are eligible for a homestead tax deduction and a total exemption of property tax on their homes.

This exemption can transfer to a surviving spouse and may also transfer to a new home.

South Carolina Veterans Employment Benefits

Veterans Preference

Honorably discharged veterans are given preference for state and public jobs.

Credit of State Retirement for Military Service

State employees called to, or returning to, active duty may continue with the state's retirement program if they continue to make payments as normal.

State employees can buy credit toward state retirement based on their military time.

South Carolina Free Tuition for Children of Certain Veterans

Tuition is free at state institutions for children of South Carolina veterans who died in service; as a result of their service; are permanently and totally disabled; or were awarded the Purple Heart or the Medal of Honor.

South Carolina Veterans Recreation Benefits

Disabled Veterans Hunting and Fishing Licenses

South Carolina resident veterans who are totally disabled can get a free hunting and fishing license.

Active Duty Hunting and Fishing Licenses

South Carolina residents home on leave can hunt and fish for free.

Active-duty non-residents stationed in South Carolina can get hunting and fishing licenses for the resident rate.

State Park Admission for Disabled Veterans

South Carolina permanently and totally disabled veterans can enter any state park at a reduced rate. Certain services may require an additional fee.

South Carolina Veterans Cemetery

The M.J. "Dolly" Cooper veterans cemetery is located in Anderson. Burial is open to honorably discharged South Carolina resident veterans and their spouses. There is no charge for the veteran's burial and a small fee for the spouse. Dependent children may be eligible for burial. 

Visit the South Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs website for contact information and benefits assistance.

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