10 Fastest Growing Jobs in Trucking

Truck driver logging hours

The transportation industry has done a relatively good job in weathering the recession. Job growth in this industry is higher than many others, and there are no signs of that slowing down. An aging work-force and a growing economy are helping to raise the demand for new, able professionals in various fields. If you're considering entering the industry, check out this list of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in trucking, complete with pay data from Salary.com and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Logistician: Logisticians are the organizers of a transporting company. They make sure that goods are received, shipped, and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. They orchestrate and optimize the operations of a transportation company, and use a combination of strong organizational and interpersonal skills to do it. More frequently, high-end software is part of the job to help organize vast numbers of drivers and other working parts of the transportation machine.
Average Hourly Rate: $53

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2. Bus Drivers, School or Special Client: Driving buses isn't just for carting around kids in school. If you can obtain a commercial driver's license, you will be on your way to a variety of opportunities such as city bus lines, private intercity buses, and other lines for private organizations like tours and commuter routes.
Average Hourly Rate: $16

3. Motor Vehicle Operators: Professional drivers without a commercial driver's license still have a variety of opportunities to consider. Loads need to be hauled by vehicles in all shapes and sizes, so keep an eye out for companies in need of a solid driver.
Average Hourly Rate: $13 

4. Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels: Transportation isn't just for road warriors – there are numerous services that operate on the water. Working as a captain, mate or pilot of a water vessel means managing others and taking responsibility for an entire ship while it's on the water. The amount of responsibility you take is proportional to the type of job you have. Ferry captains, for example, have very different jobs from those operating a luxury cruise liner.
Average Hourly Rate: $31 

5. Sailors and Marine Oilers: Working on a ship is very different from being on the road. Unlike truck drivers, sailors and marine oilers work in teams on the same vessel, and see each other face to face each day. Whether it's basic cleaning or more complex maintenance, these aquatic professionals ensure that a water vessel operates at peak efficiency at all times.
Average Hourly Rate: $21

6. Transportation Attendants: If you think of transportation attendants, you're probably imaging the kind that work on airplanes and serve food and drinks. But, there are a lot more jobs in this line of work. Whether on a large ship or a train, transportation attendants mind the comfort and safety of every passenger by explaining proper equipment use, serving meals, and answering questions.
Average Hourly Rate: $14.33

7. Helpers – Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers: Installation, maintenance, and repair helpers in the transportation industry focus on the infrastructure required for effective operations. Whether it's working on the trucks or the stations that service them, these jobs support the front-line workers by keeping everything in operational condition.
Average Hourly Rate: $19.37

8. Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics: Mechanics are the specialists who make sure that vehicles run well and won't quit. When the industry specializes in moving from point to point every day of the week, the vehicles they use wear down harder and faster than in most other industries. This job requires a passion for machinery and working with your hands.
Average Hourly Rate: $20

9. Transportation Inspectors: The bulk of a transportation company's operations do not take place behind a desk: they take place on the road, on the water, or in the air. Unfortunately, evolution has not caught up with our capacity to travel at high speeds, and crashes or mechanical malfunctions can be deadly to drivers, passengers, and bystanders who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is where transportation inspectors step in: they are the professionals who scrutinize the vehicles a transportation company uses to make sure they meet the appropriate standards
Average Hourly Rate: $30.62

10. Chauffeurs: Chauffeurs transport people which can be very different from hauling goods and products. These types of drivers usually need to be fast and efficient at path-finding and have strong people skills. Being a good driver isn't always enough, you may need to interact with clients in a very conversational way during your trips.
Average Hourly Rate: $16


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