Top 10 Companies for Telecommuting Jobs

Professional using a computer.

Changes in technology and culture have paved the way for a rise in telecommuting jobs. That is, jobs that allow you to work from home full-time. Many companies understand the benefit of employing professionals from around the country, and op for remote work instead of dealing with the cost and headache of moving someone across the country.

Some employers provide telecommuting jobs out of necessity, while others simply want the best qualified candidates no matter where they’re located. Regardless, some companies have more telecommuting opportunities than others. PayScale has tallied 10 top companies that list open telecommuting positions. These jobs are part of a diverse array of industries and career opportunities.

Working from home provides numerous benefits to those who have the opportunity. Travel and food expenses are far lower, and your commute time is however long it takes you to sit down at your desk in the morning. Successfully telecommuting does require good self-discipline since the pressure of working with coworkers in an office is nonexistent.

So, if there aren’t many job opportunities where you currently, live there might be a telecommuting opportunity in your field of expertise.

1. LiveOps Industry: Customer Service Remote Positions: Call Center Agent, Program Manager

2. TeleTech Industry: Business Process Outsourcing Remote Positions: Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Sales Engineer, Technical Support Representative

3. Amazon Industry: E-Commerce Remote Positions: Systems Engineer, Customer Service Associate 4. Sutherland Global Services Industry: Business Process Outsourcing Remote Positions: Technical Support, Customer Service Agent

5. UnitedHealth Group Industry: Healthcare Remote Positions: Senior Provider Data Analyst, RN Case Manager

6. Dell Industry: Computer Technology Remote Positions: Systems Consultant, Business Development Manager

7. IBM Industry: Computer Technology and Consulting Remote Positions: Service client representative, Server Support

8. U.S. Department of Agriculture Industry: Government Remote Positions: IT Project Specialist, Botanist

9. Working Solutions Industry: Customer Service Remote Positions: Analytics Manager, Sales and Retention Agent

10. Humana Industry: Healthcare Remote Positions: Clinical Pharmacist, RN Case Manager

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