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309th Software Engineering Group members perform software development, verification and integration efforts at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
309th Software Engineering Group members perform software development, verification and integration efforts in support of the Control and Reporting Center system at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Nov. 5, 2020. (Alex R. Lloyd/U.S. Air Force photo)

The staff was all abuzz about magazine's recent list of "The Best Jobs in America." Web producers, engineers and managers crowded around the content manager's desk to see where their respective jobs fell on the list.

We were most surprised by how many jobs are great for retired personnel or veterans. Most, if not all, former service members have the necessary education, leadership skills and experience to fill one of these top jobs.

The original list features 50 jobs; we took the top 35 occupations and their annual salaries. Take a look at the list and see where your job -- or prospective job -- places.

Here is CNNMoney's/Money magazine's list:

1. Software engineer: $80,427

2. College professor: $81,491

3. Financial adviser: $122,462

4. Human resources manager: $73,731

5. Physician assistant: $75,117

6.) Market research analyst: $82,317

7. Computer/IT analyst: $83,427

8. Real-estate appraiser: $66,216

9. Pharmacist: $91,998

10. Psychologist: $66,049

11. Advertising manager: $107,049

12. Physical therapist: $54,883

13. Technical writer: $57,841

14. Chiropractor: $84,996

15. Medical scientist: $70,053

16. Physical scientist: $80, 213

17. Engineer: $76,100

18. Curriculum developer: $55,793

19. Editor: $78,242

20. Public relations specialist: $84,567

21. Sales manager: $135,903

22. Optometrist: $93,670

23. Property manager: $78,375

24. Actuary: $81,509

25. Writer: $60,519

26. Social service manager: $74,584

27. Paralegal: $61,204

28. Health services manager: $92,211

29. Advertising sales agent: $247,536

30. Physician/Surgeon: $247,536

31. Management analyst: $63,426

32. Occupational therapist: $51,973

33. Mental health counselor: $53,150

34. Landscape architect: $50,383

35. Biotechnology research scientist: $66,393

Keep in mind that as a veteran with a college degree, you hold more experience than most civilian job applicants who apply for any of these jobs. For more information or a list of military-friendly employers, visit

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