Launches Customizable Transition App

The Transition App

Download for iOS and Android. has launched a new app that helps guide military veterans through the transition process as they start their civilian careers. In partnership with Citi, the Military Transition App gives service members instant access to information and guidance through their mobile devices and tablets.

Available for iOS and Android, this free resource allows users to create personalized transition plans with an interactive checklist and notifications to alert users of important tasks they need to complete before their separation date. For example, if the service member is close to separating, the app includes checklist items specific to time remaining, and articles on relevant topics such as organizing a career plan or how to use the GI Bill. For those who have already separated, the app covers topics such as culture in the civilian workplace, tips for filing disability claims and guidance on networking.

The app includes veteran-specific job resources and guides. It allows the user to search jobs and upcoming job fairs, as well as translate their military skills to corresponding civilian occupations. For users that need help with their resume or when preparing for an interview, the app includes a job tools section to help translate military skills into their corresponding civilian equivalents. When a user's military transition is completed, the app also helps you navigate your veteran or retiree benefits. The app is designed for all members of the armed forces (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) and members of the National Guard and Reserve components.

Designed with the understanding that veterans are a diverse group of people with wide-ranging needs, the app tailors the experience to the unique transition path of each user. The Military Transition App is free to download from Apple App Store (iTunes) or the Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

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