Musical Deployment Girl Power

A Marine Corps shoots on Jane Wayne Day.
Brandi Pompa, wife of Sgt. Isaac Pompa, scouts, Alpha Company, 1st Tank Battalion, fires an M16A4 service rifle during the unit’s Jane Wayne Spouse Appreciation Day aboard the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif., April 3, 2018. (U.S. Marine Corps/Rachel K. Porter)

Sometimes the trials and tribulations of military life leave me with only one solution ... and its name is "girl power music."

There's something deeply empowering and freeing about turning a girl power ballad up in your car and singing, with top-of-your-lungs conviction "Since you've been gone -- I can breathe for the first time," especially when what you're really feeling is that, since your spouse has been gone, you can't breathe at all. Or sleep. Or take out the trash. Or do anything except desperately wish that you did, in fact, believe the words to that song.

My favorite girl power songs are by Kelly Clarkson (because, in my personal opinion, she is the queen of girl power songs) or Adele ("Right as Rain," anyone?), but recently Katy Perry gained entrance into my "husband-is-gone" playlist. And it is entirely thanks to her music video for the song "Part of Me" and this blog post which brought it to my attention.

If this song wasn't girl power enough to start with, the video clinches it. Katy Perry as a female Marine? Totally hardcore and completely fabulous. Check it out.

To remind myself of how good a little Kelly feels on a low day I just rocked out to "Since U Been Gone" sitting here alone in front of my laptop. Yup, that still makes me feel better. What's your deployment power song?

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