Finally, a Story About Military Husbands

Senior Airman Presilla Rosario from the Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Maintenance Group, says goodbye to her husband Terrance Lucas before she departs from Buckley AFB, Colo., May 5, 2017. U.S. Air National Guard photo/Master Sgt. Wolfram M. Stumpf

This week the Today Show highlighted a community that is often forgotten: military husbands, specifically, “Homefront Dads.” For years, we’ve seen posts in military spouse Facebook groups that start with “Hey ladies!” We’ve seen companies pay tribute to military spouses in pink font and with tiaras.

Sure, military spouses are 92 percent female, but what about that other eight percent?

The Today Show told the stories of three proud military husbands and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to share it with you.

Jeremy Hilton, Christopher Field and Reggie Brown let the Today Show peak into their lives to show the world that while all military spouses serve in their own capacity, they aren’t all women. Jeremy discussed his path to advocacy, which started when his daughter Kate was born with a rare condition that required multiple surgeries and years of therapy. Hilton, who left the Navy to be a full time caregiver looked at his new role as his new orders. “I have a child who has these needs,” he said during his interview. “That’s my new mission. I had a Navy mission, now I had a family mission.”

Field, who is a stay-at-home dad to four children, said that the most important piece of advice he could offer military husbands is to have a sense of humor about yourself. Field has embraced driving kids to swim practice, doing dishes and even sports a “Proud Army Husband” keychain. Listening to him talk about his wife’s service as a soldier, one can easily see that he lives that ethos.

Finally, Brown, who works as a professional roller skater, talked about some of the misnomers of a deployment; that it’s more than just physical separation -- it’s emotional, too. Brown takes great joy in his role of being a dad, and his wife was in tears as she spoke about how thankful she is for what Brown does for their family.

Bravo, Homefront Dads. We’re glad you got some time in the spotlight and hope that it continues to shine on you.

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