Commissary Unveils New Survey Tool

Customers bag groceries at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. (U.S. Air Force/Joshua Arends)
Customers bag groceries at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. (U.S. Air Force/Joshua Arends)

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) rolled out a new survey tool last week, enabling commissaries around the world to receive more frequent feedback from patrons.

"ForeSee" is a customer experience survey tool that replaced the SurveyMonkey receipt. It will make feedback more accessible and, in turn, more timely and actionable, officials said.

"Through ForeSee, DeCA will access more frequent customer feedback and promptly identify areas to improve the shopping experience," said retired Rear Adm. Robert J. Bianchi, the Defense Department special assistant for commissary operations.

"ForeSee is a robust survey tool that's used by NEXCOM and many other commercial retailers to gain real time customer feedback," said Bianchi, who is also CEO of the Navy Exchange. "DeCA is committed to delivering a premier customer experience in every store, and this is a powerful tool to help us do that."

One of the other benefits of the ForeSee platform is that commissary officials will be able to compare its survey data with commercial grocers. According to ForeSee's website, 90% of U.S. federal government organizations use the program.

A survey link will be printed on every receipt; customers can access their survey using the link. You have seven days from your commissary visit to log on and complete the survey. You'll need your transaction number and your terminal number, which the website shows you how to find on the receipt. The survey includes multiple-choice questions about competitive pricing, item availability, store layout, helpfulness of store associates, family demographics and more.

"Instead of snapping a chalk line once a year, as we do with our annual Commissary Customer Service Survey, we're going to be able to get feedback on a daily basis, and the store managers will be able to act on it," Bianchi said. "We'll be able to see it. It will be usable data. I am excited about that because that will allow us to transform more quickly while adapting to feedback that we're getting from our customers."

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