Even More Spouses Can Now Get This Great Scholarship

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The number of scholarships available annually to military spouses through a military family advocacy organization is set to double, giving even more spouses a shot at help for degrees where funding is hard to find.

The scholarship, offered by the American Military Partners Association (AMPA), an LGBTQ military advocacy organization, and funded by Hilton, will be split between 10 spouses, with awards for individual spouses ranging between $1,000 and $2,500 each.

Unlike many scholarships that focus on lower-level degrees or certificates, the AMPA military spouse scholarship can be used on an undergraduate or graduate program. The scholarship was introduced in 2017.

It is also available to spouses outside the traditional active duty-only pool. Spouse of active-duty, reserve, Guard, retired, medically retired or fallen service members can apply. You do not need to be married to a member of the LGBTQ community or be involved with the AMPA organization to qualify.

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Recipients will be selected "based on their commitment to community service," AMPA officials said in a news release. A committee will review the applications, with winners selected by majority vote.

Applications for the scholarship are open May 9 to June 15. Winners will be notified in July. Read all the official rules and apply on the AMPA website.

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