Handbook Now Available: Guidelines for Navy Family Emergency Preparedness


WASHINGTON -- Naval service family members may now obtain a handbook to prepare for a variety of natural or man-made disasters. This handbook, entitled Are You Ready? Guidelines for Navy Family Emergency Preparedness, is being published and distributed by Naval Services FamilyLine.

Today's ever-changing world presents an increased need for emergency preparedness. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard families must also be prepared -- with or without their service member.


This handbook was compiled to offer family members an enhanced, printed version of the Operation Prepare program material that was initiated last April by Commander, Navy Installations Command. Vital information is included to ensure families are prepared as their own "first responders". The key elements of this "self-preparedness" include creating a Family Emergency Plan, completing Emergency Contact Cards and compiling an Emergency Supplies Kit.


Are You Ready? Guidelines for Navy Family Emergency Preparedness also includes critical information on actions to take immediately following a disaster. Resource charts with websites and telephone numbers offer guidance to family members during the difficult aftermath of a disaster.

To order a copy of this publication for your family or family members within your command, three options exist:

  1. Visit the Naval Services FamilyLine website at www.lifelines.navy.mil/FamilyLine
  2. Email the FamilyLine office at nsfamline@aol.com, or
  3. Call the FamilyLine office on Monday through Friday between 10:00a.m. and 1:00p.m. EST. Telephone: 202-433-2333; Toll free number 1-877-673-7773; DSN 288-2333.
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