6 Military Spouse Care Package Ideas

What should you put in a military spouse care package? (Photo: Stock image.)
(Photo: Stock image.)

A survey conducted by Army Wife Network of nearly 2,000 military spouses revealed some interesting findings when it comes to celebrating and appreciating the military spouse. Participants were asked to vote on (or add) their favorite item that would be included in a military spouse appreciation care package.

As expected, many voted for the package to include their husband. Even though we know there are hundreds of USPS Flat Rate boxes out there, I'm pretty sure that's not possible.

But what wasn’t expected was how many spouses said they want practical gifts -- things like a day at the spa, help with housing cleaning, child care, dinner, help with automobiles and, of course, lawn care.

Is there a way to meld these practical wants with a care package? I think so. That’s why I took these practical "needs" to a whole new level and created some very fun gift ideas for you to celebrate the special military spouse in your life with in a military care package. Feel free to adjust -- or leave out entirely -- any suggested gift cards based on your budget.

Military Spouse Care Package: Spa Day

Nail polish (several fun colors)

Polish remover

Cotton balls

Nail file, clippers, etc.

Toe separators

Massage oil/lotion

Skin care (masque, exfoliator, etc.)

Robe or slippers

Certificate for a mani/pedi or massage

Package this in a pretty gift bag with tissue paper

Military Spouse Care Package: Household 6



Fancy cleaning gloves, broom, dustpan

Name brand (you know the ones you wouldn't spend money on yourself) cleaning supplies

Microfiber towel

Candle or Reed diffuser

Special (I'm talking Victoria's Secret type) laundry detergent

Mixed CD or dance music for cleaning

Certificate for housecleaning (for the day she doesn't feel like doing it herself!)

Package this in a plastic cleaning caddy complete with a bow

Military Spouse Care Package: Date Night

Movie (DVD/Blu-Ray)

Microwave popcorn

Canned soda

Movie candy

Certificate for local restaurant or fast food joint

Military Spouse Care Package: Precious Car – Go!

Car soap

Tire cleaner foam



Paper towels


Febreeze for autos

Hanging car air freshener

Certificate for an oil change

Gas Card

Certificate for a car wash or car detailing

Package this in a bucket with a large sponge

Military Spouse Care Package: Yard & Garden Party

Seed packets or flowers

Potting soil

Miracle Grow

Garden gloves

Knee pads

Fun garden hat

Sprayer nozzle

Certificate for lawn maintenance

Package items in a planter or large pot with garden tools

Military Spouse Care Package: Gift of Service

An easy way to spruce up any package or a great idea for the budget conscience is to give the gift of your own service. Use your creativity to make a printable coupon book or visit this site and do them for free.

No time to put together a package? Visit the Military.com discount center for great gift ideas.

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