Will They Pay for a Split Military Move?

split military move
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The older kids get, the harder it is to rip them out of their schools for a military move. We hear about a lot of families looking to stay where they are for their high schooler can finish the year, or even two to graduate.

Changes to the PCS process passed as part of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to allow a split military move. Under that, the service member would be moved by the military and provided a stipend or quarters for their time as a geographical bachelor. When you are ready to follow with your household, a second move process would be provided.

But this isn’t as simple as that, you’d need to fit into one of these categories to be eligible for this. Your family must have:

  • A dependent enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program
  • An employed spouse
  • A spouse who is enrolled in a degree, certificate or license-granting program
  • An immediate family member who needs care for a long-term or chronic illness
  • A child attending elementary or secondary school

So, there is hope for the military to pay for your split move, but there are going to be some restrictions. Generally, these things allow you to move ahead of or stay behind your service member for 180 days. It also allows for some financial assistance in maintaining two households.

For additional details, you should talk to your local transportation office.

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