TRICARE Reduces Pharmacy Home Delivery Co-Pay



Copayments for some medications provided through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery are being reduced to zero. As of Oct. 1, 2011, Home Delivery beneficiaries may fill generic prescriptions at no cost to themselves. Generic formulary drugs purchased through Home Delivery currently cost $3 for a 90-day supply, but as of Oct. 1 the copayment drops to zero. “These new copays make using TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery more affordable than ever,” said Rear Adm. Christine Hunter, TRICARE Management Activity deputy director. “Home Delivery offers a great value for patients taking maintenance medications for chronic conditions.”  The following changes to the TRICARE pharmacy copayments are scheduled to go into effect Oct. 1:  

• Generic formulary drugs purchased at retail pharmacies will go from $3 to $5.  • Brand name formulary drugs from retail pharmacies will go from $9 to $12.  • Non-formulary medications will go from $22 to $25 in both retail and Home Delivery.


Brand name formulary drugs purchased through Home Delivery will have the same $9 copayment. Copayments for prescriptions filled through Home Delivery cover a 90-day supply, but only a 30-day supply when purchased at a retail pharmacy. “This is the first change to TRICARE pharmacy copays since 2002,” Hunter said.  “Our goal is to keep costs as low as possible for our beneficiaries and DoD.” Military, their families and retirees are increasingly using Home Delivery to get their maintenance medications conveniently delivered through U.S. mail – saving TRICARE about $30 million in 2010. Use of Home Delivery has grown in 2011 by nearly 10 percent over 2010. More than 1 million prescriptions per month are filled through the service. For more information about TRICARE pharmacy, the new copayment rates and Home Delivery, visit

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