5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Kitchen for PCS

Prepare Your Kitchen for PCS
The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home, make it easy to pack and unpack with these steps.

It's that time of year. That busy season of purging. That must mean that it is time to move. Preparing to move begins months prior to the actual move in the kitchen. The kitchen is often the room that is first unpacked, with a box of items in the "open first" box so it can be utilized upon arrival. This means that packing it up takes some organizing and planning. Here are some tips to help you prepare your kitchen before PCS.

Pare Down the Pantry

Have a lot of flour? Or perhaps an abundance of sesame oil. Time to plan uses for these items! Go through the pantry to see what you have an abundance of. Plan out meals using your items in the pantry. Or go through and find things you won't use the last few weeks before the move, and donate these items to a neighbor or perhaps someone else moving in. Planning ahead allows for the pantry to not be on your last-minute to-do list. Less stress is best!

Clear Out the Deep Freeze

If you have a deep freeze, depending on the size of the freezer, consider going through it two months prior to the move. Going through it means you can inventory what you have and plan out your meals using what you have. This is both economical and using your resources wisely. A move usually means more frequent fast food. Home-cooked meals are comforting and filling. Planning out the use of the items in the deep freeze means you can clear it out so you can clean it and deodorize it a week or two before the move.

Tidy the Refrigerator

Get a good idea of what is in your fridge. If you have hidden areas, take everything out to get an inventory and know what you have. Start to clear off shelves one at a time the last month in the home so you can slowly clean. If you still have items, rearrange them so you can clean the shelf with a deep clean. Once you are all done those final days, you can easily do a wipe-down.

If you have a spare fridge in the garage, aim to get this empty about a month prior to the move so you can have it cleaned and deodorized prior to being put on a moving truck.

Cleaning Items

Sort the cleaning items you have. Box up what you will use in the final home clean-out if you are doing it yourself. If you are hiring cleaners, consider donating open cleaning supplies to them or a neighbor. You can move with unopened cleaning items with you if you are moving CONUS and you want to clean your new home upon arrival.

"Open First" Box

Traveling with a box of essentials helps you set up a new home in the next location. If you are moving OCONUS, a loan locker is available to you so this is not as much of a concern.

Kitchen items to consider putting in your "open first" box.

  • Small dish soap (in a plastic bag to contain any possible leaks)
  • New sponge or dishcloth
  • Kitchen towel for drying
  • Coffee, ground so it is ready to
  • Coffee filters that will fit your coffee maker
  • Coffee maker
  • Utensils for every family member
  • Plate for each family member
  • Cup for every family member
  • Kitchen shears
  • Scissors (for opening boxes)
  • Small cutting board
  • Knife
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Candle and matches

This box should be put in your car to avoid it being packed when the movers come or when you pack your kitchen.

These 5 things are simple ways to prepare your kitchen for your move. Check them off a month or two before your move will make packing up the kitchen (and starting up the new one) a lot easier. Use these steps to compartmentalize and enjoy a (little) less stress.

This article originally appeared on the Millie Journal.

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