Exclusive SAT and ACT Test Prep Discount


If you are planning on going to college soon, or have a child who is eyeing college admissions you know that the SAT & ACT test scores are very important in the admissions process.

If you have done any research you know that SAT & ACT test preparation programs aren't cheap.

Exclusive Benefit

However, we are here today to tell you that your military service and your patronage of military.com has given you access to nearly free state-of-the art test prep training.

The eKnowledge Donation Project with Military.com is entering its 14th year assisting Students and Families.  The Project waives the $350 program price so the student pays only the $19.99 streaming and support fee.  All student fees are reinvested to improve the program and reach more families.  The Project does not create a profit.

The project also lets you purchase the Premium All Access Program for a discounted price of $49.99. The Premium All Access Program includes classroom training, progress tracking, and enhanced features.

All student fees are reinvested to improve the program and reach more families.  The Project does not create a profit.


The SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ Programs are available for online cloud, all iOS/Android OS Devices or DVD. 

The PowerPrep™ Programs consist of:

  • semester-length programs
  • all instructors are professional educators, authors, JD, PhD or Masters
  • 11+ hours of video instruction
  • 100+ hours of student participation time
  • 3000+ files of supplemental multi-media prep material
  • thousands of interactive diagnostic lessons & questions
  • hundreds of sample questions & practice tests.  

SAT & ACT Test Dates 2018/2019

Don't delay. College admission windows for the 2019 school year will be closing soon, and you need to have your SAT and ACT test scores ready when you apply. The upcoming test dates for the SAT & ACT are:


August 25

October 6

November 3 December 1 March 9, 2019


September 8

October 27

December 8

February 9, 2019 April 13, 2019

For further information visit the eKnowledge website at eKnowledge.com/MIL or contact Cheryl Litras, 951-256-4076 or via email at Cheryl@eKnowledge.com


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