Vets: Indiana Will Help You Get a Job and Pay You $5,000 to Move There

Indiana State Map

Veterans seeking work may just want to give Indiana a look.

The state, in cooperation with several large corporations, is offering $5,000 in relocation expenses to veterans who accept a job offer and move to Indiana.

The Next Level Veterans Initiative will help veterans get good, high-paying jobs with companies like Allison Transmission, Faurecia auto equipment, Honda, Subaru, Toyota or dozens of other employers from healthcare to high-tech.

The NextLevel Veterans Initiative has partnered with, a regional economic growth public-private partnership that seeks to match employers desperately seeking employees with veterans who may not think of moving to Indiana for employment.

State Looking To Veterans To Fill Job Vacancies

According to Indiana's Governor, Eric Holcomb, there are 85,000 unfilled jobs in Indiana because employers can't find people with the right skills.

Some of the employers that are participating in the NextLevel Veterans program have over 2,000 openings for skilled and unskilled workers. 

Jobs Specifically Chosen For Veterans

According to Wes Wood, an Army veteran who founded the Invets program, a public-private partnership that works with the state, "these employers are specifically looking for veterans to fill their vacancies, because the specialized skill-set and mind-set that veterans bring to the job is unmatched by their civilian counterparts". 

If you are a veteran who has been looking for work, you know that sometimes military experience doesn't translate to the civilian world. You may have supervised 50 people and millions of dollars in inventory or equipment, but when you go to the civilian world, you may end up pushing a broom.

These jobs are specifically chosen with high potential for advancement, so while some of the jobs may start out at a low pay rate, the ability for advancement is good. You could start out at $35K annually but be making over $90K in 3 - 4 years. That's good money in Indiana - that's good money almost anywhere! 

Why Indiana?

In case you didn't know it, that Honda CR-V or Toyota Highlander you see on the road was probably made in Indiana. The state has a vibrant manufacturing sector.

The state also has a low cost of living and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and offers several benefits to veterans and retirees. Also, if you have a disability rating, your children may be able to get a huge savings on the cost of college. Many employers in the program also offer free college to their employees.

How To Get In On This Program

To apply, visit the website and create an account.

You can enter your military and civilian job experience including your MOS/NEC, military education, training and jobs held. You can even upload your NCO Eval Report. The organization can help translate your military skills to experience that civilian employers can understand and submit your information to the employers who are looking for veterans.

The group will forward your information to employers who will then review all applications. Applications submitted via this website will get special consideration. If you are offered a position, the employer will offer you a $5,000 relocation allowance to move to the state and take the job.

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