Two More Days 'Til Christmas- Stick To Your Spending Plan!


Okay, folks, this is it. The final countdown to Christmas is officially on, at least if the traffic around my nearby shopping center is any indication. For many folks, myself included, this is a dangerous part of the season, because it is so easy to think you haven't bought enough.

Just this morning, I was sorting presents to be wrapped (I'm so far behind!) and my brain kept saying, "Oh, these girls are hardly getting anything."  Now, objectively, they're getting plenty, but teenage girl wants aren't nearly as fun as little kid wants, and a lot of their gifts are boring and practical.  I just want to get in my car and go to shopping!

There are three reasons I'm not going to do that:

I Am Sticking To My Spending Plan

I have a budget for Christmas and I don't want to exceed it. Yes, I have a smidge of money left in that budget, but I don't have to spend it all! That money could be used for family fun or travel or charity or something else with more value.

We Don't Need More Stuff

Our family is blessed to have plenty of "stuff." More stuff does not make us happier. In fact, it makes us tired and cranky because you have to find a place for it, and keep it tidy, and generally deal with it.

I Have Better Things To Do Than Shop

Spending time shopping is not a good use of my time right now. I have four kids and a husband home from work, and I should be enjoying them, not sneaking out to store.

If you're facing the "I need more" monster this weekend, be strong! It's very likely that you've already bought enough presents, and you don't need to be stressing yourself time-wise or money-wise. Keep the calm and enjoy this wonderful time with your family

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