Terminally Ill Bond Fan’s Daughter Begs Producers for Advance Screening of ‘No Time to Die’

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in "No Time to Die." (Eon Productions)

You may consider yourself a James Bond fan, but James Millar really loves 007. The Brit has named his house “Bond Cottage” and filled it with a massive collection of movie memorabilia.

Unfortunately, Millar has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and may only have weeks to live. “No Time to Die,” the final James Bond movie with Daniel Craig as its star, is set to open in theaters on Oct. 8, 2021. That’s almost certain to be too late for Millar.

What makes this news particularly devastating for a Bond fan is that “No Time to Die” originally was set for release in April 2020. The movie’s producers were the first Hollywood people to grasp the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic fully and delayed the release to November 2020. Once it became clear that things weren’t getting any better over the summer, the release was delayed until April 2021. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen, either, but the fourth release date now looks solid.

Remy Millar, James’ daughter, doesn’t want her dad to die without a chance to enjoy one last James Bond experience, so she’s started an online campaign to convince the producers to give him a private screening.

She made a video to support her case, and the tour of Bond Cottage is amazing.

EON Productions, the company that makes the 007 films, is notoriously protective of its most valuable asset, so it would be a big deal if they decided to share the movie with this superfan.

Doctors make it sound like this advance screening will be Millar’s only chance to see “No Time to Die.” Remy described her father’s condition to the UK website Unilad, saying, “My dad was suffering from back pain for a few months, but that’s nothing unusual for anyone these days, so we didn’t think it was anything urgent. Unfortunately, it kept getting worse and worse, and coupled with some extreme weight loss, it became obvious that something far more sinister was going on. By the time we got the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on May 28, it had spread so far [his liver, lungs, and bones], that he was too weak to even be offered chemotherapy and there was nothing the doctors could do.”

Are there other Bond fans who’ve died before they had a chance to see this delayed movie? Of course, just like there are now-deceased Marvel fans who wish they’d had a chance to see “Black Widow” or even a few Vin Diesel fans who wish they could’ve survived to see “F9.” And what about the “Top Gun” fans who’ve been waiting 35 years for the sequel?

But, as the video makes clear, James Millar is a truly devoted Bond fan, and he’s also lucky enough to have a daughter who’s determined to help ease his pain in his final days. Here’s hoping she succeeds.

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