An International Spec Ops Team Fights Terrorism in 'Rogue Warfare: The Hunt'

(L-R) Rory Markham as James, and Jermaine Love as Ralph in the action film ROGUE WARFARE. (Photo courtesy of Saban Films)

The "Rogue Warfare" action movie trilogy is an ambitious project from stuntman-turned-director Mike Gunther. Gunther's long list of credits includes work with directors like Michael Bay and David Ayer, so he's worked with some masters of the craft.

"Rogue Warfare: The Hunt" is the second movie in the trilogy and debuts this Friday, April 3. It will be available for digital purchase and to rent on demand. There was a theatrical opening scheduled, but we all know what happened there, so we'll have to make do with home viewing only.

We've got an exclusive clip from the movie that features the cast showing off its tactical skills.

The movies feature a secret special ops squad made up of top men and women from around the world. They're under the direction of Cmdr. Brisco (Chris Mulkey), who answers to the president of the United States (Stephen Lang).

In "Rogue Warfare: The Hunt," team leader Daniel (Will Yun Lee) has been captured by terrorists, and the team must locate and extract him before the bad guys torture him to death.

The international crew is constantly working through internal conflict. Put American, British, French, Israeli and Russian door-kickers together in a room, and they're all going to believe that their way is the only way to get the job done.

If you missed "Rogue Warfare," the first movie in the trilogy, you can stream it now on Netflix before the new film releases Friday. Here's a trailer for that one.

And once you're caught up, check out the trailer for "Rogue Warfare: The Hunt."

There's no firm date yet for "Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation," the final film in the trilogy, but it's slated for later this year.

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