‘The Kill Team’ Revisits a Low Moment in American Military History

Nat Wolff stars in "The Kill Team." (Manolo Pavon/A24)

'Filmmaker Dan Krauss followed his controversial documentary "The Kill Team" with a new feature film that uses the same title and revisits the story of the 2010 U.S. war crimes known as the Maywand District murders. "The Kill Team" is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

"The Kill Team" movie focuses on the story of Andrew Briggman, a soldier based on the documentary's most sympathetic figure, Adam Winfield. Briggman/Winfield (played by Nat Wolff) tries to report the questionable behavior going on in his unit, but ultimately fails to deliver his message and gets caught up in the civilian murders that constituted a war crime.

The documentary received a lot of criticism from people who believed that its focus on a rogue officer and his unit presented a distorted view of the military and invited undeserved criticism for all troops. Krauss offered a strong rebuttal in an interview with Military.com earlier this fall.

"I'm more interested in questions of human psychology and human morality than whether the military is comprised of people doing good or bad," he said. "I'm not by nature a political filmmaker. I hope that people won't mistake this film for a political film. I have no intention of casting a bad light on the military as a whole. Part of my interest in this story is because I have such tremendous respect for service members. In some ways, this movie is a post-mortem discussion of a disaster, and I'm hopeful that members of the military will see it as an opportunity for discussion."

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The home video release includes a making-of featurette and an audio commentary track from Krauss that will be of great interest to anyone who's followed this story since 2010 or seen the earlier documentary film.

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