Don't Miss a Chance to See WWI Classic 'They Shall Not Grow Old' on the Big Screen

"They Shall Not Grow Old" (Warner Bros.)

Peter Jackson's World War I documentary "They Shall Not Grow Old" is a military masterpiece, and it's returning to theaters for three nights on Dec. 7, Dec. 17 and Dec. 18.

Jackson's team uncovered thousands of feet of original black-and-white footage shot with primitive early movie cameras. Silent footage from the era doesn't usually resonate with mainstream modern audiences, so the filmmakers set out to find a way to present the story in a way that would allow contemporary viewers to make an emotional connection to the soldiers.

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"They Shall Not Grow Old" presented by Fathom Events

Before now, colorization has been an often-sloppy gimmick that gave a haphazard look to black-and-white movies and newsreel footage. "Lord of the Rings" director Jackson has spent his career on the bleeding edge of movie technology, and his team has finally devised a way to make a colorized film look natural.

Combined with digital cleanup, speed correction and incredible sound effects, the finished footage presents the British military of WWI on screen and allows the men to look familiar to anyone who's served in the modern era.

Jackson's team photographed the original battle sites so they could effectively recreate the natural colors of the backgrounds. Check out this video to see Jackson discuss the process.

If you're planning to see this fall's World War I feature film "1917," "They Will Not Grow Old" is an outstanding companion piece and one that has an obvious influence on how director Sam Mendes created his fiction film.

"They Shall Not Grow Old" really is an event film. Don't miss a chance to see it on a big screen.

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