SNL: Conan the Hero Dog Thinks His Medal Is Lame

Conan the Hero Dog attends a (fake) White House press conference on "Saturday Night Live." (NBC)

Without the White House press corps even asking the question, Conan the Hero Dog Who Killed Baghdadi* offered up his thoughts on the president's famous Medal of Pawnor tweet.

*(Not the actual Conan, but a Hollywood dog portraying him. How did the animal actor screw up military bearing and procedure? Please let us know in the comments!)

"What is this janky fake medal the president put on my neck? It just has a picture of a paw on it. What the hell is that? You don't give humans a medal with a foot on it."

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Conan the K-9 Commando was joined by Army Special Forces dog interpreter Dana Graham (also not an actual service member) and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway (played, as always, by Kate McKinnon).

The fake press corps toss some weak softball questions, and Conan bats them down like it's nothing whatsoever. Check out the full clip below.

SNL also gave us some World War II throwback with the inside story of how America chose motivational poster star Rosie the Riveter. Let's just concede that there might've been other women who more accurately reflected the attitudes of the factory workers on the home front.

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