4 Tasks to Ready Your Home For Renters

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Are you ready? Get set. Go! When orders for a military move come along, it often feels like you’re off to the races. From compiling your important papers into a handy dandy binder to finally sorting through those boxes you’ve ignored in the corner of the garage, there are so many things to do to prepare for your PCS.

On a similar note, if you’ve decided to keep your current house and plan to rent it out, it’s good to think about what you’ll need to do to make it ready for tenants. Consider adding the following tasks to your to-do list.

1) Do a Thorough Cleaning

Before you hand over the house keys to your tenants, you’ll need to make sure the place is move-in ready. An important part of preparing your home for new residents is giving the entire estate a thorough scrub. Whether you hire a cleaning service or roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, every part of your dwelling will need to be tidied up. This includes under and behind the refrigerator, oven, and washer and dryer if you’re leaving them.

The nether regions of your large appliances may be a little dark and spooky, but it’s important to ensure those hard to reach areas are clean as a whistle.

2) Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Especially in high traffic areas, the walls around a house can gather scuffs and grime. After the moving crew shuffles your household goods away, you’ll have plenty of space for a room-by-room refresh with painting.

  • Look for neutral colors of paint that will go with anything.
  • Have a little extra paint on hand for any touch-ups that your renters may need to do.

The goal is to make your house as fresh and clean as possible. A new coat of paint will play a big part in that plan.

3) Add Easy-care Landscaping

It’s no secret that a manicured lawn and colorful flowerbeds can make your home look even more appealing. However, when listing your house for a renter, keep in mind that not every tenant has a green thumb. For instance, before you fall in love with the fragrant rose bushes for sale at the garden center, it’s good to know that most varieties of roses are the divas of the plant world. Rather than decking out your flowerbeds with plants that require careful pruning, think about easy ways to keep your property looking spiffy.

  • Search online for low maintenance plants that will still boost your curb appeal, such as the Black-Eyed Susan or the blooming shrub Spiraea.
  • It’s possible that your tenant may not want to spend their quality time watering. Think about drought tolerant additions to your landscaping, like Purple Coneflower or a soft bristled cactus.

Even adding a layer of fresh mulch or a bag of decorative rock could ease any concerns over the upkeep of your yard and garden.

4) Make Repairs

When your military family moves into a new place, you’ll want everything in working order. It’s the same for your tenant. A renter doesn’t want to have to worry about what needs to be fixed. Before you’re caught up in the whirlwind of your PCS, take note of the projects around your house that you’ve been meaning to do.

  • Are you keeping time with the steady drip from a bathroom faucet?
  • Is that window blind hanging at an angle because the drawstring is broken?

If you go around your property with a critical eye now, you’ll be able to pinpoint anything in need of repair or replacement before you leave.

Additionally, keep in mind that many military homeowners rely on a property management company to find their tenants, retrieve their rent, and tend to their home. Consider doing a little homework on property management companies in your area. Take into account online reviews and the company’s track record to help narrow down your search. You’ll soon fully transition your home from being your residence to becoming your rental property.

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