Now Is the Time to Apply for the 2022 Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarship

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The Pat Tillman Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2022 Tillman Military Scholarship program.

The application cycle opens Feb. 1 and will close at 11:59 p.m. (PST) on Feb. 28.

The scholarship will pay for both academic expenses such as tuition and fees, as well as those pesky add-on costs like living expenses and books. Tillman Scholars can expect an average award of $11,000.

The Tillman scholarship is known as an "unrestricted scholarship," which means that you receive a lump-sum payment to use as necessary. It does not affect your GI Bill payment or eligibility.

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The scholarship is open to active-duty members, Reserve and National Guard members, veterans, spouses and surviving spouses who are attending (or plan to attend) a U.S.-based college as a full-time student.

Pat Tillman was a football player with the Arizona Cardinals who left the NFL and enlisted in the Army after the 9/11 attacks. Following his 2004 death while serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan, family and friends established a scholarship in his name at Arizona State University.

In 2008, the Pat Tillman Foundation was established, and the scholarship was expanded nationwide to military members, veterans and their families.

According to the Pat Tillman Foundation, its mission is to "unite and empower remarkable military veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private-sector leaders committed to service beyond self. Through the Tillman Scholars program, we are building the leading fellowship program for military veterans and spouses. Founded in 2008, the program supports active-duty service members, veterans and their spouses with academic scholarships, a national network, and professional development opportunities, so they are empowered to make an impact at home and around the world."

The top programs Tillman Scholars are enrolled in include health care, business, law, STEM, public policy and more. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded more than $20 million to 695 scholars at more than 166 universities.

Those selected to receive the scholarship are highly successful, with 98% of scholarship recipients graduating from college and 96% reporting employment within 12 months of their graduation.

To apply, you must submit:

  • Current resume
  • Two essays based on prompts provided in the application
  • Financial worksheet
  • Character recommendation from a third party
  • Biography of no more than 250 words
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) generated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Two photos from military service or with their spouse who is/was in the military
  • Institutional financial aid award letter
  • A background check.

Successful applicants will be selected based on service, scholarship, leadership and impact.

For more information visit the Pat Tillman Foundation's website.

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