Active Duty Military Families Now Have Access to Vision Coverage

Soldier and son playing baseball

If there is one constant in military life, it’s change. When it comes to benefits, a change in the near future is a positive one which gives access to vision coverage to family members of active duty military.

Because of a congressionally authorized move to the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), military families of active duty service members will now have the opportunity to sign up for a vision coverage plan this fall through FEDVIP.

The details are fairly simple: only active duty family members enrolled in a TRICARE health plan can enroll in the FEDVIP vision program. Being enrolled in a TRICARE health plan doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the new coverage though. Families must choose a plan in FEDVIP during open enrollment which runs from November 12 through midnight on December 10 (ET), or go without vision benefits until the next open enrollment period.

Aetna is one of four FEDVIP vision carrier options. Aetna offers both a standard option and a high option. Both options feature eye exam coverage, prescription eyeglasses and contacts and the benefits are applied no matter where you choose to shop. There are no pre-existing condition limitations.

Once enrolled, benefits are effective January 1, 2019. Aetna makes it easy to use well known providers like LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and Target Optical, all of which are in-network retail providers. For those who like to shop online, and are featured in-network providers. The plans also offer deep discounts on sunglasses, additional pairs of eyeglasses and LASIK laser vision correction.

“With several options to choose from it’s important for families to review the plans available and think about what coverage they will need. Aetna’s vision plans offer convenience and flexibility to get the most of your benefits.” Said Tom Bernatavitz, Vice President of Federal Plans at Aetna.

To get the benefits, though, military families need to be enrolled in a TRICARE health plan and meet the deadline for open enrollment (November 12 to December 10). Specific benefits information and rates will be public by October and should be looked at closely to select the best coverage for family needs.

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