Retired Military Pay Days

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Military retiree and annuitant payday is always on the first business day of the month.  If the first of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, payday will always occur the previous business day.  The below list of paydays can help you plan your bill paying. 

Retiree Pay Dates for 2022


Survivor/Annuitant Pay Dates for 2022

Month Direct Deposit Date   Month Direct Deposit Date
January Feb. 1   January Feb. 1
February Mar. 1   February Mar. 1
March Apr. 1   March Apr. 1
April Apr. 29   April May 2
May June 1   May June 1
June July 1   June July 1
July Aug. 1   July Aug. 1
August Sep. 1   August Sep. 1
September Sep. 30   September Oct. 3
October Nov. 1   October Nov. 1
November Dec. 1   November Dec. 1
December Dec. 30   December Jan. 3, 2023

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